Beth Minardi

See Beth Minardi at 35 E 65th street,  Samuel Shriqui Salon,

New York, NY 10065


Evan Rachel Wood.
Hair Color: Cal Martini
Hair ​Styling: Dept. Head ​Joy Zapata​
​Color Products: Beth Minardi Signature Shades
Styling Products: Bumble & Bumble   

'GUESTS’ live their fantasies on WESTWORLD
Innovations abound on HBO’s hot new show WESTWORLD,  
​in filming, acting, styling and hair.  Working closely with
​Dept.Head stylist Joy Zapata,

Beverly Hill’s colorist Cal Martini created stunning color for
Six of the lead Actors. 

Beth Minardi Signature Color and Joico Hair Color
​provided Cal his tools of the trade.

The wild ride continues with WESTWORLD,
​Sundays at 9pm on HBO.


Cal Martini can be found making color magic on Rodeo Drive at Mauro Hair Studio in Beverly Hills 310.717.5809